Goals and Objectives


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  • To promote qualitative education for youths, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) through training, seminars and scholarships.
  • To engage volunteers in promoting and advocating for the well being of youths, orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To promote youth empowerment and reduce unemployment through training on vocational skills and sports.
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS and other STIs, (Prevention, Care and Support Programme.)
  • To reduce child mortality to minimal level by empowering nursing mothers and creating standardized free medical cares.
  • To influence policy formation with regards to OVC and youths nationally by building effective network.
  • To provide support for victimized or molested youths, orphan and vulnerable children legally, socially and economically.
  • To reduce or alleviate unemployment among the youths by involving micro finance Banks to provide loans for small scale businesses.
  • To initiate programs for the welfare of the youths and OVCs through quality education, scholarships and training for self-dependence and self-sustenance

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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health increase access to food, grow local sio economies, and help kids.

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